About Us

Schwing Construction is a local remodeling company based out of Catonsville, Maryland that serves the greater Baltimore Metro Area. Typically, we serve Ellicott City and Catonsville and our biggest draw comes from word of mouth. If we’re working across town, it’s probably for your brother or sister. We believe in high quality work at a fair price and our next job depends on your satisfaction. We’re the neighborhood guys that look out for everyone, hold doors for ladies, volunteer, coach, and go to Mass every Sunday.

I am a third generation entrepreneur. My grandfather and father trained me in the values of high quality, virtue, and integrity. I have to uphold these standards because I’ll probably see you in the local grocery store, restaurant, ball field, or church. My dad always said to me “if the customer isn’t happy, then we’re not done.” Your home is the center of your family life, and a very valuable asset. It’s important that you trust the people that come into your house and perform the work. If we have any subcontractors in your house, they’re of the same standards by which we uphold.