5 Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodel

5 Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodel

Keep these 5 considerations in mind as you begin your bathroom remodel!

Before you pick up a hammer or nail, call your favorite contractor, or head to the store to select swatches, sit down with a pen and paper to map out your bathroom remodel. Just like the kitchen, bathrooms have a major impact on the look, appeal, and ambiance of your home. These five considerations will have you well on your way to remodeling success and loving your new bathroom.


What is the square footage in your bathroom? Is it a large space with a separate shower and bathtub or is it more like a powder room with a sink and toilet? Considering the size of your bathroom remodel will help narrow down your choices like color and the type of fixtures you’ll use. You may want to make a small bathroom feel bigger and considering these elements will help you achieve the desired look.


Is the bathroom inside your master suite or is it on the main floor of your home? Is it primarily for family, guests, or kids? The location will affect your decision-making, again in terms of color choice, fixtures, and accessories. You may choose a design scheme that complements the surrounding rooms. You may also choose to fill it with accessories for the people that are most likely to use it.

Color Scheme

Draw inspiration from the rest of your home, magazine clips, or even your favorite shows to decide on the perfect color scheme. Having a base of colors that you’d like to incorporate will help lead you toward the perfect tiles, fixtures, and accessories.


A major reason for a bathroom remodel and perk for all your hard work is having updated features. Is there a particular dream feature that you’d love to incorporate in your new bathroom? Heated floors, a heated towel rack, or even a specific style of sink or tub. Keep it in mind to ensure that all its surrounding elements not only complement it but give you enough space to include it.


It’s the last consideration on this list but it should be the first on yours, and that’s the purpose of your remodel. Are you selling your home and working to increase its value or did you just feel that it’s time for an update? Being clear about your intentions will guide the rest of your decision-making.


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