How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Deck

How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Deck

Take these measures to properly clean and maintain your deck to save yourself time and money.

A lot of fun memories at your home will be made outside on your deck. It’s a great outdoor space that you added to your home to extend your living space and create a place where you and your family and friends can spend time together while enjoying the great weather. To extend the life of your deck so that you can enjoy it for many years you have to keep up with the maintenance. This includes cleaning as well as minor or major repairs. Take these measures to properly clean and maintain your deck to save yourself time and money.  

Composite Decks

Of the different types of decks that you can have installed on your property, composite decks are probably the most low-maintenance option available. But low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance and there are still measures that need to be taken to keep composite decks in top condition. While composite decks won’t rust, fade, or attract mildew, they do collect dirt and residue like all our outdoor features. Mild soap and water is the best solution for dirt and residue. In the winter, be sure not to use shovels or other sharp objects to remove show and ice as these tools can damage your composite deck. A brush with soft bristles is a great tool for removing dirt, but if you feel that power washing is necessary, make sure that it doesn’t exceed 3100 psi.

Wood Decks

Wood decks require more regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in top condition. Because the wood will be continually exposed to the elements of rain, cold, and sunlight, then mold and rotting will always be factors that you’ll need to keep an eye out for. Power washing is a great solution for wood as it will thoroughly remove dirt, residue, mildew, and mold from your deck. Professionals will use cleaners that won’t disturb your surrounding landscape.


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