The Benefits of a Home Addition

Home Addition

A home addition can give your house some much-needed space!

A home addition is a good way to give your family additional space and the amenities they dream of. Whether looking at adding a sunroom for an extra lounging space or another living space for an elderly family member to move into, home additions can provide many benefits. Here are some of the advantages when investing in a home addition.

More Space

Space is an ever-present concern for homeowners. People love to have a room for their workout equipment or to store possessions that always seem to accumulate. A home addition can be planned out and add significantly to the square footage of your home. Even a small addition, if planned properly, can yield big results!

Housing More Family Members

It is generally well-known that more kids are moving back home nowadays than ever before. According to studies, almost 40% of young adults live at home with their parents. And the elderly are choosing more and more to move in with their children. Home additions can help alleviate any difficulties that could arise from this change in living arrangements. A full bedroom and bathroom can create a living space connected to, yet separated from, the main house.

Renting Out for More Income

Homeowners who have a full bedroom and bathroom constructed can also rent out this additional space to help pay the mortgage or other bills. Whether you decide to use a traditional rental setup or AirBNB for short-term temporary rentals, a home addition can certainly help pay for itself over time if you wish.

Adding Natural Sunlight to your Home

Many homeowners think of sunrooms when they think of home additions. Sunrooms are often less expensive than other large-scale additions and can add a lot of natural sunlight to your home. This can help out with your heating and cooling costs and will give your home another room where you and your family can relax.


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