Tips for Buying New Outdoor Furniture for Your Deck

Outdoor Furniture

Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect outdoor furniture for your deck or patio.

As the weather gets warmer, your deck, patio, or other outdoor space will be closer to regular use! Outdoor spaces are great because they add to your overall living space and they’re perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests. If you’re having a new deck or patio constructed this spring, you’re going to need some good outdoor furniture to go along with it! Here are some tips to help you pick the right outdoor furniture for your needs.

Weather Considerations

The weather in the mid-Atlantic region can influence your choices for good, hardy outdoor furniture. Hot, dry conditions are not good for wood furniture, windy conditions like those near the coast can make light, aluminum furniture less-than-ideal, and constant exposure to moisture can ruin wicker furniture. Take stock of weather considerations before making any choices.

Measure Your Available Space

The shape of your outdoor area may influence the kind of outdoor furniture you can conceivably bring in. It is critical to ensure that you leave enough room for people to walk around comfortably – use the same general principles for this as you would in choosing indoor furniture. If you have a smaller deck or patio area, a bar table may be a better option over a full dining set.


The materials your outdoor furniture is made out of will have to stand up to weather conditions, clean up easily, and look sharp. Many outdoor furniture pieces are designed to require little maintenance to keep them looking good – those made from wrought iron and resin are also particularly known for their ability to withstand the elements.


Your deck is designed for your relaxation, so make sure that your furniture is comfortable! For an added level of design control, you can purchase chairs and cushions separately to easily achieve any look you’re thinking of. Most stores will have display units set up so you can try them out before buying – take advantage of this if possible!


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