Winterize Your Windows to Keep Your House Warm!

Winterize Your Windows

Feeling an icy cold draft of air in your home? You need to winterize your windows!

With winter in full swing, the cold weather and windy days might be making your home more uncomfortable if you have leaky windows. Drafty windows can make certain areas of your home downright unbearable and can make your heating bills skyrocket. It is never too late to winterize your windows and reap the benefits of a more comfortable, energy efficient home. Here are four things you can do today to winterize your windows.

1. Sealing and Caulking

Air drafts occur when air moves in and out of a building through cracks and holes around the windows. One of the steps of proper window installation is caulking the exterior trim to prevent this from happening. If you are starting to feel drafts from your windows, it may be a sign that this caulk is wearing thin or chipping away. Re-caulking your windows requires temperatures to be above 45 degrees with low humidity, so wait for the break of a cold snap to do this.

2. Weather Stripping

On movable window parts, weather stripping can be used to winterize your windows. There are many different materials used as weather stripping from felt and vinyl to metal and magnetic strips, each of which has its own distinct appearance and durability.

3. Storm Windows

When all windows were single-pane, storm windows were used to winterize them. If your home has these storm windows laying around somewhere, having them installed may make all the difference in preventing drafts in your home.

4. Thermal Window Drapes

Heavy window drapes can also be used to keep heat in your home. These are specially designed for leaky windows and can be changed to a lighter material when spring comes back. Make sure to hang them as close to the windows as possible and let them stop either at the sill or at the floor. You can make them more energy-efficient by velcroing them to the walls and overlapping the panels where they meet.

Of course, if your windows are really old and beyond repair, you could always get them replaced with brand new energy-efficient windows from Schwing Construction!


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