3 Reasons Why a Sunroom Will Brighten Your Spring and Summer


What can a sunroom do for you? Quite a lot, actually!

For many homeowners, the prospect of a home addition is a great opportunity to increase the amount of available space and increase the curb appeal of their homes. If you’re also looking for a new way to spend your leisure time at home, a sunroom addition is a perfect project to pursue before the warmer spring months arrive. While it is true that a sunroom can increase your home’s value, the benefits go beyond simple financial considerations. Getting enough sunlight can make a lot of positive changes in your overall health!  Here are 3 reasons why a sunroom will make your spring and summer days brighter.

1. Have More Energy

Science shows that getting enough sunlight can help boost your energy levels during the day and help you beat the afternoon swoon. Sunlight stimulates the parts of your brain that affect your level of alertness. So, don’t reach for that afternoon cup of coffee! Take a break and bask in the sunlight shining in a new sunroom!

2. Be Happier

It’s fairly common for people to have the winter blues during the colder months. Primarily, this is because as the days grow shorter the body produces less serotonin, making you feel more gloomy. A sunroom can help you beat the winter blues and take full advantage of the lengthening days as spring and summer approach. Spending the mornings in a new sunroom can boost your serotonin levels and put you back into a perky mood!

3. Live Longer

Research has shown that mortality rates for certain kinds of cancers, such as breast, ovarian, colon, and prostate cancer, are lower in the sunnier parts of the world than they are in darker parts. It seems that the reason for this is the production of vitamin D which sunlight stimulates in the body. By maximizing


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