4 Home Remodeling Projects with the Best Return on Investment

Deck with High Return on Investment

Thinking about netting a high resale value on a remodeling project? Here are the projects with the highest return on investment.

Home remodeling projects do more than just refresh and modernize the look of your home. Homeowners who pick and choose their projects carefully can stand to reap financial benefits when it comes time to sell in the future. In fact, depending on what kind of work you choose, some projects can end up recouping more than three-quarters of the cost at resale time. That’s a sizable return on investment! Here are four home remodeling projects to consider if you’re looking to maximize this return on investment in the future.

1. Kitchen Remodel

A complete overhaul of your kitchen may be scary, but you don’t actually have to change a lot in your kitchen in order to maximize your return on investment. Even just a few cosmetic changes, such as replacing your kitchen cabinets, changing out your old appliances for new energy-efficient models, or installing brand new granite countertops, can bring an average of 72% return on investment!

2. Attic Bedroom

A finished attic bedroom is quickly becoming desired by potential home buyers. And not only does this project recoup 76% of the investment on average, but it also dramatically increases your living space and is one of the best home addition projects out there.

3. Wood Windows

Old, leaky windows can make your dollar bills metaphorically melt away with higher energy bills. New wooden windows, on the other hand, are more energy efficient, look great, and will save you money on your utilities every month now. Later on, these wood windows will recoup an average of 77.5% of their cost, making this renovation project a great option both now and in the future!

4. Wood Deck

We talked last week about how a deck can improve your outdoor living and make your backyard a great place to spend your spring and summer days. And if you were looking for another reason to start planning your decking project, consider this: a wood deck recoups more of its value at resale time than any other project at a whopping 78.6%! This makes a wood deck one of the best home renovation projects for return on investment out there!


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