4 Signs that You Need to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

How can you tell when you need new kitchen cabinets? Look for these signs.

When done right, kitchen cabinets contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic of a kitchen. However, these pieces are exposed to more water, steam, and other elements than the cabinets in other parts of your home. Therefore, they tend to need replacement much sooner. Sometimes the damage can be remedied by refacing the cabinets, but here are some signs that you should consider fully replacing your kitchen cabinets.

1. Water Damage

If the cabinets are swollen, showing darkened color spots, or not closing properly, you might have a problem with water damage. This is a fairly common problem since most kitchen cabinetry is crafted out of wood, which can be damaged quite easily by water. Sometimes this damage can be fixed, but here are some signs of more serious water damage:

  • Warping
  • Bubbling up on the inside or outside surface
  • Delamination on the outside
  • Wood is starting to change color
  • Signs of mold are present

2.  Not Working For You

Your kitchen cabinets might be the most beautiful ones in the world, but if you just don’t like using them, it doesn’t mean anything. Cabinets are meant to be functional, so if they don’t function well, they should probably be replaced.

3. Soft Cabinets

Push on the sides of the walls of the cabinets. Do they feel soft? If they do, this is a major sign that you need to replace your cabinets. The walls are the most important part of the construction, and soft walls indicate structural deficiencies that repairs cannot address properly.

4. Mold

When caught early, mold can usually be remedied fairly easily, but sometimes it can grow where it cannot be easily spotted and compromise the structure of your cabinets. This is usually caused by a water leak, so before replacing your cabinets you’ll need to identify the source so it doesn’t happen again.


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