Now is the Best Time to Plan a Basement Conversion!

Basement Conversion

Get your basement conversion planned and completed in time for football season!

Home Renovation can sound daunting, but it can also be quite exciting.  In many cases, the basement of a house is pretty much just a storage area.  It’s usually the darkest part of the house where nobody wants to go.  But what if it could be more? Here are just a couple of the reasons a basement conversion will be a fantastic project for your home. 

Less Costly Way to Increase Living Space

Putting an addition onto your house is among the more expensive of the home improvement projects.  A basement conversion gives you additional living space without having to build a whole new structure and knock down a bunch of walls.  The basic structure is already there.  All that really needs to be done is to make sure it’s totally waterproof and then you can start the fun of designing your new space.  Plus, the timeline for a basement conversion is much shorter than for an addition.

A Nice Space to Entertain

…Or you can just stay in and binge on your favorite TV show.  Or, perhaps you want your basement to be a home gym.  A basement conversion is a very flexible project that can be molded into whatever you want it to be.  Because of their location being mostly to completely underground, it is relatively easy to maintain your preferred temperature.  Whatever you want your basement conversion to be, it will be easy to keep it at a comfortable temperature year-round.

Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re converting your basement for the sole purpose of increasing your property value, know that it is virtually impossible to get a 100% return on your investment.  That said, a basement conversion could absolutely make potential buyers more likely to choose your house because of the additional space.  People like seeing that a property has been cared for and improved.


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