Create a New Storage Space Under Your Deck this Spring!

Storage Space Under Deck

An elevated deck can utilize the area underneath it as storage space.

Inside of your home, there is a multitude of potential storage space and creative design solutions that can be used to store everything from your LEGOs to your cookbook collection. However, many homeowners aren’t sure where to store all of their exterior decorations and supplies without simply tossing them in a shed or garage. This spring, add some storage space under your deck to keep things out of sight and prevent your shed from getting stuffed to the brim.

Start with Waterproofing

If you are going to use the area underneath your deck for storage, start by waterproofing the space. Water will trickle through the cracks in your deck every time it rains and drop directly onto whatever is beneath it. Create a “roof” for your under-deck storage so that water dripping through the deck will trickle off of the storage underneath as well.

Build a Solid Foundation

When installing storage underneath your deck, also ensure that you have a solid and sturdy base. Level the area beneath your deck so that moisture won’t come up from the ground beneath either. Gravel works very well underneath decks and concrete pavers are another popular choice.

Can You Get To It?

Storage isn’t very useful if it can’t be accessed easily, so make sure that you can actually get to the storage underneath your deck. Everything that you use in the construction process should be galvanized to stop rust from setting in. If you use your storage throughout the year, make sure that snow and rain won’t prevent you from easily opening and shutting the storage area.

Can You Keep It Organized?

Just like interior organization, exterior organization is also important to knowing where everything you have is located. Make your exterior storage organization-friendly by adding in shelving, cubbies, or wall-mounted racks to store whatever you need to. Depending on the size of your storage, you can add in many different organization options.

Exterior Storage from Schwing Construction

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