Should You Go with Two Sinks in Your Kitchen?

Two Sinks

Two sinks in the kitchen could be something you never even knew you needed until you have it!

While the old adage, “’tis better to have installed two sinks and only used one, than to have never installed a sink at all” is true, the choice between one sink and two sinks for your kitchen is never easy. Many homeowners don’t even consider installing two sinks amidst the sea of add-ons and perks they can add to their kitchen. Why is installing two sinks in your kitchen such a great idea?

One for Dishes, One for Food Preparation

While some home cooks do a good job of staying neat while they cook dinner, others struggle to keep dishes from piling up in the sink. Two sinks will allow you to have one sink dedicated to food preparation and another dedicated to cleaning the dirty dishes that accumulate. When you design your kitchen remodeling project, keep in mind that you can put each sink in a different part of the kitchen to match the way that you use the space. Consider placing the food preparation sink near your kitchen island or butcher block station and the other near the dishwasher for clean-up.

All the Right Sinks in All the Right Places

Two sinks also mean two choices to choose the right sink for the job. While most people don’t consider choosing sinks a very exciting job, it is surprisingly useful when you are customizing your new kitchen. Do you make food in large batches or love using big and tall stock pots to prepare food? One of your two sinks should be deep and wide to accommodate the dishes that you need to clean. The sink that you use for food preparation could be the smaller of the two and be designed to fit a colander while you cook.

How can you choose the right place for your two sinks? Consider placing them in places that will highlight some of your kitchen’s best features, since your two sinks will be two of the most-used items in your kitchen. Does your kitchen have a window with a stunning view? Place the sink where you’ll be doing dishes there so that you can enjoy the view while you clean. Do you have a bar station in your remodeled kitchen? Place the smaller sink that is perfect for rinsing off hands with lime juice or rinsing out martini glasses there.

Kitchen Remodeling from Schwing Construction

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