What Are Your Options for Decking Materials?

Decking Materials

There are many different kinds of decking materials to suit your outdoor living needs.

Whether you are building a deck to replace the weathered one currently in your yard or choosing the perfect decking material for your new home, choosing the right decking material is incredibly important. The two main types of decking materials are wood and composite. Each decking material has its upsides and downsides, and today we are going to help you explore your options for decking materials.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure treated lumber is made from chemically-treated southern yellow pine. A whopping 75% of all new decks constructed in the United States are actually made with pressure treated lumber. Pressure treated lumber is better than traditional wood in many respects, as the chemical treatment makes it rot-resistant, fungus-resistant, and resistant to insect infestations. It’s also more affordable and easy to find. The main cons of pressure treated lumber are that it lacks beauty when compared to classic wood, that it can still warp and suffer damage over time, and that the cost savings might be offset by the amount that you spend on maintenance.

Redwood and Cedar

These two decking material options are renowned for their gorgeous natural beauty. The tannins within these decking materials actually offer natural resistance to decay, insect infestation, and rotting. Unfortunately, redwood and cedar cost a whopping three times more than pressure treated lumber. They are also both prone to cracking and splitting over time. Every 3-4 years you will need to re-stain them and every year you should pressure wash them.

Tropical Hardwoods

These exotic decking materials are unique and won’t be found in any of your neighbor’s backyards. They are hard, durable, and also resistant to insect infestations and rotting. They also are available in very different and unique color options. The primary downsides of tropical hardwood decking material are the density (as they can be very difficult to drill through), its price, and its resistance to staining. If you are unable to stain your decking, it will fade to a weathered gray shade in a relatively short period of time.

New Deck Construction from Schwing Construction

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