4 Design Elements to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

4 Design Elements to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Adding in a few new design elements is the perfect way to spruce up an outdated or boring kitchen space.

Is your kitchen a relic of a time long gone? Does walking into your kitchen every morning fill you with a sense of dread instead of a sense of joy? It’s time to spruce up your kitchen! Adding in a few new design elements is the perfect way to spruce up an outdated or boring kitchen space. Here are 4 of our favorite ways to get the job done.

Update Your Backsplash

You might not pay much attention to your backsplash, but it has a huge effect on the way that your kitchen looks. If the tiles are outdated, cracked, or discolored from years of use, it’s time to get new ones! Adding new tiles will refresh the space and increase the value of your kitchen. Keep in mind that your backsplash also serves an important functional purpose in your kitchen, so cracked tiles should be replaced right away.

Change Up Your Flooring

Kitchen flooring endures a ton of wear and tear, whether it’s playdough from the kids or feet scuffing back and forth across it while you make dinner. If your kitchen flooring is outdated, damaged, or just not a match for your current interior décor, updating the flooring can totally change up the room. Laminate flooring is affordable and durable, while classic hardwood flooring is always a perfect choice. Change up your kitchen flooring so that it meets your needs and preferences, not the preferences of the person who lived there previously.

Upgrade Your Hardware

When was the last time you thought about the hardware that is on your kitchen cabinets? Chances are, it’s been a while. While the hardware on your kitchen cabinets is small in size, it has a major impact on the overall cohesiveness of your kitchen interior design. Make sure that your kitchen hardware all matches. The metal and finish used for your sink should match the metal and finish used for your cabinet handles and knobs. Creating a cohesive look will make your kitchen feel even more beautiful and put-together.

Use Creative Countertops

Along with your cabinets, the kitchen countertops are some of the most noticeable elements in your kitchen. What do you need in a countertop? Do you cut directly on the surface or simply use it as a place to put your cutting board? Do you have children who use the countertops for homework or is it strictly for cooking? The answers to these questions will help you arrive at the perfect kitchen countertops for you that will majorly spruce up your kitchen.

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