The Difference Between Remodeling and Renovating

The Difference Between Remodeling and Renovating

Most people will use the words “remodeling” and “renovating” interchangeably, but did you know they are actually two different things?

Most people will use the words “remodeling” and “renovating” interchangeably, but did you know they are actually two different things? If you’re renovating, you’re basically just freshening up a bit. A remodel when you make the more major changes.


From the dictionary:

  1. to restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; repair
  2. To invigorate; refresh; revive

Renovating is basically an “out with the old, in with the new” type of thing. In construction, this means applying a new coat of paint, re-facing some cabinets, installing new light fixtures, or adding other finishing touches and fixtures. You’re not really altering the original design of your home, you’re just updating it to match your evolving style and needs.

Renovating a room in your home or condo not only makes the space more attractive, but it can add value as well, especially if the room you choose to renovate is a kitchen. If you’re looking to put your property on the market, you might consider adding stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and new kitchen cabinets. These things will likely increase chances of the property selling faster and at a higher price, giving you a return on your investment.


From the dictionary:

  1. To alter the structure of

Remodeling changes the use of a space. It totally transforms the structure and style of the space. For example, in a kitchen remodel many homeowners choose to remove walls in order to create an open-concept kitchen area. Maybe you’d like to add an island to your kitchen to give yourself some extra counter or cabinet space, that is remodeling.

Remodeling often involves more complex design considerations, along with more construction, electric, and plumbing expenses so it is often more expensive than renovating. Because it is a far more significant investment, it is of the utmost importance that you make sure you contact a knowledgeable, experienced contractor before you start the project.  When it comes to remodeling, it is important to make sure the job is done right the first time. It is often more expensive to go back and fix the problem than it is to make sure it’s done right from the get-go.

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